Gift for wedding at Delphi

Custom made post wedding gift that symbolizes Delphi municipality - the Center of the World.

It is a presse papier (paper weight) made of clay for the wedding ceremony held in Delphi, Greece.
The design is inspired by the identity of the sacred ancient oracle and symbolizes the center of the earth (the navel of the earth).

The presse papier is engraved on its upper side with the geographical coordinates of the Holy Mountain of Sibyla and at the other side with the couple's initials.

It has been polished slightly to give the satin texture and has been burned at 1020 Deg Celsius.

  • Quantity: 180 pieces
  • Dimensions: Diameter~10cm, thickness~8mm
  • Idea and implementation by Kourtzi Elpida - Kourtzis Art Pottery.