Kourtzis Legacy

Kourtzis Art Pottery was founded by Panagiotis Kourtzis in Agiassos, on the island of Lesvos, in Greece at about 1820. It began as a smalltime family industry and developed in the 20th century into a famous workshop.

For nearly 200 years, five generations of Kourtzis, have had more than forty artisans and craftsmen in the art of ceramics, the construction and decoration of pottery. Many more created their own workshops later.
Near them worked remarkably creative craftsmen and artists. In the Kourtzis workshop many of the local professional ceramists learnt the art of ceramics, and had been offered hospitality.

Leaders in chronological order are Panagiotis Kourtzis (1820- 1895), Nicholas Kourtzis (1849 - 1929), Elias Kourtzis (1873 - 1956), Nick Kourtzis (1907 - 1998), Elias Kourtzis (1944 -) and his daughter Elpida Kourtzi (1981 - ) the heir and representer of the sixth generation Kourtzis Pottery legacy